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Location:Michigan, United States of America
Website:Livejournal rant/writing journal
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Community description:Original writing and sketches of a dragon.
This is a story dumping community as well as a sketch dumping community for [personal profile] darkdragonofthenever. The rules are simple:

1. DON'T FLIPPIN' STEAL ANYTHING. It would be greatly appreciated and won't make me flock the community.

2. READ THE WARNINGS FOR ART/STORIES. Don't like something? Great! We all have different tastes! Just pass it on by! Really, it's that simple. Don't agree with something? Pass it up! Don't flame it and then whine about how wrong I am and blah blah blah. Trolls will be met in a sarcastic manor and flames will be used to burn homeless people's boxes. Please, think of the homeless people.

3. I DO HAVE OTHER ACCOUNTS ON THE INTERNET. I will list them here to avoid confusion, and shamelessly advertise myself. It's only the places where my writing/art is, as really, who wants to hear work rants? If you see any of my crap anywhere else, that means someone stole it and is destined for a world of pain. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Livejournal: canyouhearmeyet

Xanga: DarkDragonoftheNever

Insanejournal: thedragonwithin

Fictionpress: Here!

Deviantart: Me!

Artician: Rarely used...but here

4. ENJOY! That is the whole reason you're here, isn't it?

Have a good ones.

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